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Celebrating achievements and commitments: how we are building a culture of gender equality at Pryor Global.

Being a woman in the corporate environment has been a challenge. The obstacles are many, from the gender pay gap compared to men to the underrepresentation in leadership positions, where they hold less than half of them.

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Often, women are in the shadow of their male counterparts, struggling to have their work recognized and valued equally. Here at Pryor Global, we have built a completely different scenario.

For many years, I accompanied my father, Jobelino Locatelli, in running the company. I was somewhat in his shadow, as he was the ultimate representative, but I was always encouraged to explore my potential and contribute significantly to the success of our business.

Taking on a leadership role, I sought to continue his legacy by promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion, where all voices are heard and valued. From an early age, I understood the importance of a work environment that supports everyone to achieve their full potential.

Our commitment to equal opportunities not only strengthens our company but also contributes to a fairer work environment. To give you an idea, more than 70% of our workforce is composed of women.

It is true that we have made progress. Recent news highlights the novelty of women holding C-level positions, for example, which is an important milestone in the fight for gender equality in the corporate environment. However, it is necessary to recognize that there is still much to be done to ensure that these advancements are not just exceptions but rather the norm.

We make a difference here at Pryor Global. We will continue to invest in practices that support the professional development and advancement of women, ensuring that their voices are heard and valued at all levels of the organization.

On this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the achievements made, but let us also renew our commitment to a more equal and inclusive future for women. It is a time to acknowledge significant progress, but also to remember that there is still much work to be done.

By Cristiane Locateli – Partner and Member of the Board

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