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We legally represent multinational companies in Brazil, working in compliance with Brazilian laws.

We support the internationalization of companies in the Brazilian market, offering strategic support to contribute to their expansion. We represent legal entities and their legal representatives in all instances. As legal representatives, we are the investor’s main connection with the country.

It is the first business unit of Pryor Global, with more than 27 years in the market. We act as advisors to foreign startups in Brazil, providing services to hundreds of companies within the best practices and legal rigor.

We have qualified and bilingual professionals, with excellence in this segment. We act within the norms and statutes of each one of our clients. After all, trust and security are the values that drive Pryor Global.


Local officer: represents the Brazilian company before the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (RFB), Board of Trade, Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), banks, tax authorities and third parties. The administrator is designated in the act of incorporation of the Brazilian company, which establishes the powers and limits of the individual, as well as his or her rights and duties when assuming the position.

Legal Representative: the person that represents a foreign company in Brazil, that is, he/she will be responsible for the interests of the company as a partner of the Brazilian company. The Attorney-in-fact is invested with powers by means of a power of attorney/proxy, which establishes the powers and limits of the individual to represent the foreign company in Brazil.

Legal Representative of the Board of Directors: the legal representative of the director is invested with powers by means of a power of attorney, usually issued abroad, and signed by the director. The power of attorney grants powers to the legal representative to sign Minutes of Board Meetings, minutes of Shareholders’ Meetings, Instrument of Investiture, and Corporate Books of the Company of which the foreigner is a counselor.

Member of the Board of Directors there are companies, usually joint-stock companies, which establish a “Board of Directors”, composed by “counselors”. A foreigner is allowed to be a director. However, he/she must appoint an attorney-in-fact residing in Brazil to represent him/her.

Director's Attorney: the law allows a foreign natural person to be a director of a Brazilian company. However, if the person is not resident in Brazil, he/she must grant a power of attorney to a representative resident in Brazil.

Portal Pryor: A platform on which the requester, whether client, lawyer or business partner, performs all service requests related to the legal representation process, such as document signatures.

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