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Corporate Benefits
and Insurance Management

We work with various types of business insurance and benefits management for your company and your employees.

We are in a constant process of updating our portfolios, always ready to offer our clients the best options in the market, with the main insurance companies and operators, in addition to an in-depth and critical analysis of the scenario of each business.

We consider all the factors that involve the needs of companies, such as industry, profile and budget capacity.

Our clients do not just hire an insurance broker, they hire our expertise, excellence, our complete infrastructure, which guarantees quick responses, through agile and efficient service.


This insurance combines the advantages of a corporate contract with personalized service. By hiring this benefit, you guarantee the well-being of your employees and your company will have a competitive advantage in retaining talent.

Complete and without bureaucracy, Pryor offers your company all the necessary support for an efficient benefits management.


It was developed to bring satisfaction to your company and your employees. The most common plans, with very affordable values, already offer peace of mind to employees who can count on an extensive Accredited Network for consultations, exams, cleaning, among other procedures related to oral health, in addition to emergency care.

Premium plans, on the other hand, offer coverage for orthodontics, prostheses, implants, in addition to a differentiated Referenced Network and reimbursements.

We have partnerships with a wide range of insurance companies, ensuring that we offer the option that best meets your needs.


Life insurance provides protection and security for employees and entrepreneurs.

The main objective is to guarantee the family's standard of living in unexpected situations such as the Insured's death or permanent disability.

It is a very flexible Insurance and can be tailored according to the needs of each Insured, aiming at differentials that will be important when the Insured's family happens to be in a difficult situation, where often, unexpectedly, the main provider of resources comes to pass.

Private pension

This plan can be offered as a benefit to employees, who may or may not have the company's participation in its funding. With this benefit, the organization encourages employees to build equity to secure their retirement — or other long-term financial goals.

Flexible benefits

They are perks that companies offer to employees in addition to their salary. They can be customized based on employee preferences, who can choose from several available options, such as food, meal, and culture vouchers. Flexible benefits are part of the corporate benefits package.

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There are reports worldwide that companies are exposed to cyber attacks, mainly motivated by the lack of user awareness, which allows hacker access through phishing, external servers with remote access combined with fragile passwords, among others.

Cyber Insurance offers extensive coverage in case of data leakage stored by a company and also guarantees the payment of fines, as required by new legislation.

The concern with data manipulation grew mainly with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law – LGPD.

Directors & Officers (D&O)

This insurance is intended to protect the assets of individuals who occupy management positions or functions in the company.

All natural persons with management power are considered “insured”, that is, those who make decisions and represent the company before third parties. The purpose of this insurance is to protect the insured's assets, which can be used as a means of reparation, due to judicial conviction for decisions taken during their management.

Professional Civil Liability (E&O)

It ensures the financial repair of professional failures. This insurance is intended to protect companies and professionals against lawsuits filed for damages or losses arising from errors or omissions during the provision of service or even beyond it. This type covers several professional categories in Brazil. Among them are lawyers and law firms, auditors and auditing departments, technology companies, engineers and engineering offices, physicians, IT professionals and others.

Lease Solutions (Rent/Lease Guarantee)

There are several options for lease guarantees in the market, Surety Insurance, Rent Guarantee Insurance, Capitalization Bonds, Letters of Trust, among other more common types in the market.

Regardless of the modality, the objective is security, the Lessor guarantees the reimbursement of late rental expenses, and the Lessee is guaranteed peace of mind in case of financial unforeseen events.

The main coverage is rental delinquency, but there are several additional coverages. The important thing is that both lessor and lessee find advantages in hiring.

Judicial guarantee

It is an insurance seen as an alternative to the attachment of assets or judicial deposit, that is, a guarantee that the party who succeeds in the process will receive the amount agreed upon at the time of compliance with the sentence. Its hiring allows the contractor to keep the cash flow and its equity, while the lawsuit is still being processed in court. It is signed between the three parties: the borrower, the insured and the insurer – which ends up becoming an advantage, both for those who hire and for those who receive it.

Car Insurance

Vehicle protection with benefits to make your day easier and save your time. We work with a wide variety of insurance companies, which offer different coverage and assistance options. Certainly, one of them will fit your profile.

Car Fleet Insurance

It is generally done for companies that have a fleet of vehicles, but it can also be sold to individuals, as long as it meets the minimum number of items required to take out the policy, which varies according to the policy of each insurance company.

In this modality, pricing is based on the set of vehicles and the Insured's history, with no need for individual driver profile information, overnight zip code, among other usage particulars, which are common in traditional Car Insurance.

Property Insurance

Whether in the Business modality – local to local and multi-risk, Residential – Regular and Summer, Condominiums, Property insurance has the main objective to ensure financial protection for the owners of an organization or even the owners of a private property.

This insurance guarantees the insured the reimbursement of damages in incidents covered by the policy. Compensation can be used to replace assets or even rebuild something that has been damaged.

The basic coverage, which must be contracted, is against fire, lightning and explosion risks, but coverage for electrical damage, theft of goods and windstorms are also common, in addition to the 24h Assistance clauses that provide emergency services.

Engineering All-Risk Insurance

It guarantees coverage for material damage caused by unforeseen events that result in damage or destruction of the civil engineering works, equipment, and/or machinery used in the construction.

Credit Insurance

It protects companies against the risk of non-payment by customers, reducing losses in case of default. It is used mainly by suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters of goods and services on credit terms. Instead of dealing directly with the negative consequences of overdue and unpaid invoices, which can lead to financial problems, the policyholder is partially or fully indemnified by the insurer.

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) Insurance

It aims to indemnify financial losses resulting from a breach of the guarantees given by the seller in the acquisition contract. Insurance for mergers and acquisitions can protect both buyers and sellers, helping to mitigate potential financial losses.

Credit Lines (Pre-purchase financing pool – properties and vehicles, Financing)

The pre-purchase financing pool is a type of purchase of goods or services with pre-established terms and a number of quotas. The value of the item is divided between all the members of the pool.

Financing, on the other hand, is a type of credit contract between the person who needs money (individual or company) and a financial institution capable of providing it. In this operation there is an incidence of interest, but with facilitated payment conditions.

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