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Legal obligations that every board member must fulfill

Within the scope of a board member’s role, it is necessary to observe and comply with a series of legal obligations that underpin the integrity of their duties. These responsibilities include full compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to the sector in which the organization operates. In addition, board members are obliged to act diligently, ensuring that their decisions are aligned with the interests of the company.

Foreign companies must appoint a legal representative in Brazil

Foreign companies planning to establish a presence in Brazil need to understand local legislation. Among the various obligations is the need to establish a legal representative in the country. This representative will be in charge of overseeing and managing all the company's operations in Brazil, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil: how does it work?

In the first half of 2023, Brazil stood out as the country that attracted the most Foreign Direct Investment (IED, in Portuguese), second only to the United States. This result is particularly significant given the current global uncertainty. It is worth noting that, in 2022, Brazil had already occupied fifth place in this ranking, with a total of US$ 86 billion in IED, surpassed only by the USA. This rise in attracting foreign investment highlights the country's attractiveness on the international scenario.

Board of Directors and Legal Representation: key points

The legal representation of a foreign member of the Board of Directors in a Brazilian Limited Liability Corporation is an essential process. The foreign board member, who is an individual of foreign nationality, becomes part of the company as a board member. However, due to their foreign nationality, they require a legal representative to sign board meeting minutes on their behalf.

Reinsurance: do you know what it is?

Insurance is something we already know; it protects us against certain risks. But what about reinsurance, is it a new term for you? Let’s clarify it below.

A reinsurer is a company that assumes part of the risks covered by an insurer. This means that it acts as a financial support for insurers, helping them to deal with increasingly complex risks and react quickly to problems.

Among emerging countries, Brazil is the one that receives the most foreign investment

According to the Confidence Index for Foreign Direct Investment, from international consultancy Kearney, Brazil ranks seventh among the emerging countries most sought after by foreign investors. The study analyzed the performance of 25 nations, and Brazil was ranked below China, India, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

What should a foreign investor consider before opening a business in Brazil?

Opening a company abroad is a project that cannot be improvised.
In countries with certain particularities, such as Brazil, with a complex fiscal scenario and intricate political situation, understanding the aspects that end up impacting the success of a business is useful.
. If it is true that the country offers opportunities to those who know how to use them,
it is equally true that it rewards those who overcome the challenges of opening their company here.

New legal framework for foreign exchange: main changes and expectations

novo marco cambial

The new legal framework for foreign exchange is already in effect. Law Nº 14,286/ 2021 regulates the Brazilian exchange market, Brazilian capital abroad, foreign capital in the country, and the provision of information to the Central Bank of Brazil (BC). The rules have been in effect since December 31, 2022.