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Our history

About our founder and eternal CEO, Jobelino Locatelli.

A Pryor Global was created in 1995 on the initiative of businessman Jobelino Locatelli.

He graduated in Law, Administration, Economics and Philosophy. During his career, he worked in several companies in the industrial sector: Wheaton Brazil, Lumicart Indústria e Comércio, Sperry Vickers, Helena Rubistein and Sperry New Holland (now FIAT) in the areas of logistics, finance and business.

Over 27 years ago, he started Pryor's work in Brazil, focusing on supporting foreign companies to settle and do business in the country, working with outsourcing and legal representation services.

Between 2010 and 2018, Locatelli was CEO of a large multinational in the outsourcing sector and resigned from his position to devote himself to his investments and expansion projects at Pryor in Brazil. After his death in February 2020, the company was led by his sons Cristiane and Dalton Locatelli, and other partners.

Our business today:
to uncomplicate Brazil

Currently, Pryor Global operates in several business areas related to providing services to national and international companies. It represents hundreds of foreign companies in Brazil. Pryor always has the best solution for your business. It offers, through its lines of services, integrated solutions for legal representation, accounting outsourcing services, paralegal services, business benefits and insurance, and exchange services for organizations in the most varied sectors.

There are no borders for Pryor Global. We are an originally Brazilian company, but we already have a branch in Florida (USA) and we intend to continue conquering new spaces, establishing our roots in other countries and continents. We are global because so are our solutions, professionals and experience. We are global because our business helps organizations of different nationalities to overcome new realities and challenges.

To create value, transforming the complexity of the Brazilian business environment, through integrated solutions that provide more protection, security and efficiency.

To be a leader in integrated business solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of companies and our country.

• Trust that builds credibility.
• Ethic that generates transparency.
• People who value, respect and encourage development.
• Innovation that generates transformation.
• Proactivity that generates speed of adaptation.
• Meritocracy: recognition of high performance people and teams.
• Collaboration that generates synergy.
• Boss attitude.



Cristiane Locateli

Partner and Member of the Board

Dalton Locatelli

Partner and Chairman of the Board

Eduardo Todeschini


Marcelo Barsotti

CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)

Igor Delboni​

Legal Counsel

Carine Garlipp

Business Development Manager

Elaine Fernandes

Operations Manager

Ana Freitas

Executive Manager

Sara Cirino​

Administrative Manager

Haidee Mollo

Accounting Manager

Valquíria Paiva

Accounting Manager (Clients)


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