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What are flexible benefits and why should you offer them to your employees?

In the corporate environment, benefits are key to attracting and retaining talent. They are not limited to salary and are essential for ensuring employee satisfaction and well-being. In addition to financial benefits such as meal vouchers and health insurance, they also include professional development programs, flexible working hours, remote working, paid leave, financial aid for education, and other similar benefits.

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By offering a diverse range of benefits, companies aim not only to attract qualified professionals, but also to cultivate a healthy and motivating work environment. These initiatives not only have a positive impact on employees’ quality of life, but also help to build a solid and committed organizational culture, which is crucial for productivity and innovation in today’s competitive landscape.

Statutory benefits vs. flexible benefits

Statutory benefits and flexible benefits represent two different categories in the range of advantages offered by companies to their employees. Statutory benefits refer to obligations determined by labor laws or government regulations, such as paid vacation, 13th salary payments and social security contributions.

On the other hand, flexible benefits are customizable, allowing employees to choose from a variety of options that best meet their individual needs. This can include medical and dental care, scholarships, food basket distribution, among others.

New times, new needs

We are going through an era of significant changes that are driving diverse trends. In this new post-pandemic reality, the employee experience has been reframed. Companies that are truly concerned about well-being in the workplace have already managed to map out the new demands, which include:

– Flexible working hours: employees can now adjust their schedules according to their personal needs, focusing on autonomy and efficient time management to optimize productivity.

Support for mental health: in response to the growing awareness of mental health, benefits such as psychological support programs, days off dedicated to self-care and access to meditation apps have become essential to promote emotional balance.

– Remote working: faced with the consolidation of teleworking, companies are offering benefits that facilitate an effective working environment at home, including financial assistance for the purchase of equipment and reimbursement of expenses related to remote working.

These trends reflect the continuous adaptation of organizations to the new demands and expectations of employees, with the aim of creating more dynamic, inclusive and well-being-oriented work environments.

Do you want to stay on top of the corporate benefits that are trending in the market today and offer them to your employees? Talk to Pryor Global. We take all your needs into account to design a tailor-made benefits package. Don’t waste time and talk to us now!

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