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International wire transfer: what is it and how to do it?

If you do business with international clients, you probably need to send and/or receive money on a global scale. Although there are several traditional methods for sending and receiving money internationally, the most efficient and secure way to transfer funds between countries is through an international wire transfer.


Board of Directors and Legal Representation: key points

The legal representation of a foreign member of the Board of Directors in a Brazilian Limited Liability Corporation is an essential process. The foreign board member, who is an individual of foreign nationality, becomes part of the company as a board member. However, due to their foreign nationality, they require a legal representative to sign board meeting minutes on their behalf.


Tax reform: what changes are expected?

The need for tax reform has been debated for at least three decades in Brazil, but the issue finally seems to be coming to an end. On July 7, 2023, the Chamber of Deputies approved Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 45/2019, which addresses the subject. It now moves on to the Senate.


Reinsurance: do you know what it is?

Insurance is something we already know; it protects us against certain risks. But what about reinsurance, is it a new term for you? Let’s clarify it below.

A reinsurer is a company that assumes part of the risks covered by an insurer. This means that it acts as a financial support for insurers, helping them to deal with increasingly complex risks and react quickly to problems.


Outsourcing finance: what are the advantages?

As a company grows, there comes a point when it becomes impractical to handle all internal demands without implementing major structural changes. Developing existing activities requires investment and the hiring of qualified and trained personnel, which is increasingly challenging in terms of availability, recruitment, and time consumption.


Life insurance: What is it and how does it work?

Como funciona o seguro de vida?

O seguro de vida oferece aos beneficiários, como a família do segurado, o pagamento de uma indenização no caso da sua morte, por exemplo, o que proporciona proteção financeira para garantir o sustento da família e reduz o impacto financeiro da ausência do principal provedor.


Company dental insurance for employees

Unlike what many may think, the investment to contract dental insurance is increasingly affordable. Furthermore, the pre-contract analysis is quick, even though in some scenarios it is necessary to answer a questionnaire about pre-existing conditions.


The importance of tax compliance in Brazil for foreigners

Foreign investors face significant challenges in adjusting to Brazilian tax legislation. The complexity of the system and the bureaucracy require specialized resources such as tax consultants and accountants to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Professionals with local knowledge can help interpret tax laws, identify tax benefits and optimize tax structure.


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