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Foreign companies must appoint a legal representative in Brazil

Foreign companies planning to establish a presence in Brazil need to understand local legislation. Among the various obligations is the need to establish a legal representative in the country. This representative will be in charge of overseeing and managing all the company's operations in Brazil, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.


What are flexible benefits and why should you offer them to your employees?

In the corporate environment, benefits are key to attracting and retaining talent. They are not limited to salary and are essential for ensuring employee satisfaction and well-being. In addition to financial benefits such as meal vouchers and health insurance, they also include professional development programs, flexible working hours, remote working, paid leave, financial aid for education, and other similar benefits.


Legal obligations that every board member must fulfill

Within the scope of a board member’s role, it is necessary to observe and comply with a series of legal obligations that underpin the integrity of their duties. These responsibilities include full compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to the sector in which the organization operates. In addition, board members are obliged to act diligently, ensuring that their decisions are aligned with the interests of the company.


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