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The importance of registering with the Board of Trade for new businesses

If you’re starting a new business, you’ll certainly have to deal with a series of bureaucratic procedures, and one of the most important is registering your company’s corporate acts with the Board of Trade. The Board of Trade is a public body responsible for registering and supervising business activities in a specific state. Its main role is to ensure that companies are operating in accordance with the current regulations.
A Junta Comercial é um órgão público responsável por registrar e supervisionar as atividades empresariais em um estado específico. Seu papel principal é garantir que as empresas estejam operando de acordo com as normas em vigor.

CPF for foreigners in Brazil: why is it necessary?

The Individual Taxpayer Registration, popularly known as CPF, goes beyond being just an identification number in Brazil. It is an essential record that connects individuals to their tax obligations and facilitates a variety of financial and contractual transactions in the country.

Corporate paralegal: find out how this professional works

The paralegal service involves the support provided by professionals, known as paralegals, to lawyers, law firms or legal departments. Paralegals assist with various legal tasks, helping to simplify the process and improve overall efficiency. Although paralegals cannot practice law or advise independently, they play a key role in the legal system.