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Foreign Exchange Consulting and Management

We help your company to perform foreign exchange operations in a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective way

With Pryor Global’s foreign exchange account opening service, your company can buy, sell, and make international transfers in dollars, euros, and other currencies, as well as make payments to suppliers abroad or receive payments in foreign currencies, protected from exchange rate variation.

By adding product expertise and customization to an excellent service, we guarantee agility and intelligence for any exchange operation, regardless of the amount, nature, or currency.

Foreign exchange consulting is important because it can help your company to reduce the risks of financial losses resulting from exchange rate fluctuations, to provide guidance in choosing the most appropriate foreign exchange method for each type of operation, and to improve the process of contracting financial institutions to perform the operations.


• Prompt Exchange: purchase or sale of foreign currency for settlement within 2 business days.
• Advances on Export Contracts (ACE): advance of funds in national currency (R$) to the exporter, after the shipment of goods abroad.
• Working Capital and Receivables Discount: with the anticipation of receivables, it is possible to improve working capital.
• Hedge: helps reduce risks or mitigate losses in times of exchange rate volatility by fixing it at a certain price of the foreign currency.
• Finimp: financing imports in foreign currency, with flexible terms.
• Advisory and Services: support to solve the client’s needs, with a highly qualified team.
• Supply Chain Finance: financing the supply chain helps the company negotiate terms and better prices for raw materials.
• International Billing: financial process between two parties, in which one of them receives a product or service and must pay for it in return. The transaction takes place between two different countries.

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