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Is dental insurance worth it?

Dental insurance has been attracting many Brazilians, according to a survey by the National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans (ANS). That's because the mouth is a window into the health of the body. Find out if it's worth investing in this type of benefit.

Brazilian oral health

The Brazilian National Health Survey (PNS-2019) indicated improvements in the self-care of Brazilians compared to a 2013 survey.

The article available on the government website says that Brazil is the only country in the world to offer free dental care in primary health care.

The challenge of 27 thousand oral health teams of the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) is to ensure safety in care and deal with the eating habits of Brazilians.

This is because only 13% of the respondents who participated in the 2019 PNS regularly consume fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, 14.3% of people over 18 years old consume ultra-processed foods daily, as well as soft drinks and processed juices.

In addition to sugars, the mouth is a window for bacteria and other microorganisms to get into the bloodstream. The good news is that a Brazilian study has gained international recognition in reducing Covid-19's viral load.

Professor PhD Fabiano Vilhena and more than sixty researchers from three Brazilian universities have developed antiviral antiseptics to prevent and reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

Poor oral hygiene may also cause heart disease (endocarditis) and fatal damages.

Dental insurance is a smart choice to prevent illnesses like this, but also to ensure emergency medical services.

Dental insurance coverage

The market offers from classic plans that include dental cleaning, whitening and emergency services to plans that offer aesthetic treatments.

Telehealth is a service that is part of dental plans. Some offer basic orthodontic documentation and fixed orthodontic braces.

The benefit-cost ratio is excellent for companies, showing that it is a great benefit for employees.

This low-cost benefit reduces absenteeism in the workplace, considering that it can be offered to employees and their dependents. Thus, you guarantee your employee's health and the financial health of your business.

It is also possible to combine health and dental plans. Some companies offer special conditions for this combination.

Use the expertise of Pryor Insurance to find the best plan and the best conditions for you.

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