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Digital security: what to expect in the coming years?

The last year was challenging for all companies in terms of digital security, with several data breaches, cases of fraud, cyberattacks, and system vulnerabilities, putting both institutions and individuals at risk. To get an idea, in the last quarter of 2022, Brazil saw a 37% increase in the number of cyberattacks, according to research by Check Point Software.

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Threats to digital security have existed since the birth of the internet. While we have made considerable progress in combating them, these threats are still lurking. As cybercrime evolves, so does cybersecurity, and methods of prevention must therefore be adapted.

The fight for cybersecurity must be a constant battle.

The “old” attacks will continue to be effective sources of revenue for cybercriminals: compromised email boxes, attacks aimed at data theft, ransomware, and phishing. And with good reason, new failures in cybersecurity systems are inevitable and the human factor remains part of the equation.

Cybercriminals are now using advanced tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and automation. They are training neural networks to fool predictive algorithms that have been used to modify malicious files, allowing them to bypass system defenses.

However, these same tools can also serve the purpose of cybersecurity. One of the many possibilities is to begin automating AI-based security controls and response mechanisms, enabling faster and more accurate responses to cyberattacks, and protecting critical data for businesses and individuals.

Just as the method has been refined, the scope of cyberattacks has broadened. Russia’s offensives against Ukraine, for example, have made it clear that warfare is now hybrid and that the risks of geopolitically motivated cyberattacks are a reality. Geopolitical attacks on cybersecurity will increase, but they will also lead to defense innovation.

To combat cyber threats, it is necessary to focus not only on technology but also and especially on people and their behavior. People are the biggest risk in terms of cybersecurity, largely because of a lack of awareness, negligence, or inadequate access controls.

An effective approach to cyber security is to put together a strategy focused on prevention, creating smart solutions that aim to prevent cyberattacks. Similarly, taking out a cyber insurance policy is one way to safeguard a company.

Pryor Global, through its Corporate Benefits and Insurance Management, offers the best products in the market so that managers have the necessary security to perform their daily activities.

Learn how we can help protect you and your company and talk to one of our specialists.

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