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Hiring employees: How to do it?

Hiring is a process that must be efficient and safe. When it is well structured, your company becomes more dynamic and reduces the risk of inconsistencies that may increase labor burdens.

All companies need to hire employees, whether to fill vacancies or to expand their workforce.

However, it is necessary to be careful, especially with the labor legislation. Check out everything you need to know when hiring an employee.

Hiring starts with planning

It's time to hire a new professional for the company! But the question is: how to choose the best professional? How to hire people and avoid legal issues? What does legislation say about the subject?

Recruiting and selecting new employees is always complex, no matter what role he or she will have in the organization. Therefore, planning is essential, as it saves time and effort. The ideal steps for selecting and hiring are:  

  • Define professional profiles 
  • Define the marketing channels you can use for recruitment
  • For resumes, make the right screening questions
  • Analyze resumes
  • Interview potential candidates
  • Prepare and present hiring information to those approved
  • Request the pre-employment medical examination
  • Sign the employment papers 

Planning these steps, choosing dates, deadlines and those responsible for each phase is the best way to bring professionals who truly represent the company's culture.

Define the professional's profile

It may sound obvious, but defining, from the beginning of the process, the characteristics of a professional and explaining them to everyone involved in the hiring process is essential, as this is the only way for everyone to work together and look for people with specific profiles.

This definition must be made jointly by those involved in the process, listing not only the candidate's characteristics, but also the behavioral aspects desired by the company. 

Choose the right marketing channels to attract qualified professionals

Using several online platforms is the best way to reach as many candidates as possible, increasing the chances of finding qualified professionals. However, too many resumes can bring a lot of people who do not meet the company's requirements for the job.

Therefore, you should select the right channels to attract interesting candidates, as each channel attracts a specific professional profile. 

Another important detail – it is necessary to create ads that attract and inform accurately. The advertisement should captivate potential candidates and make clear what is expected from them, as well as the qualities they must have. 

Such ads will be more efficient and save time and effort in the search for the best employees. Among the most used tools, LinkedIn stands out.,

Ask screening questions to make the process more effective

If a job candidate in the Human Resources department says that he/she works with recruitment and selection, for example, you can use closed-ended questions such as "Select how many years you have been working with recruitment." Also, you can and offer a list of open questions – for example, "Describe the hiring process you would conduct for an administrative assistant position."

The questions are intended to make a prior assessment of actual technical knowledge. Some online behavioral tests can also be taken before or after a face-to-face interview.

How to evaluate resumes to hire the best professionals for your company?

You have already chosen the best media for advertising and many resumes were received. Now it's time to evaluate each one of them. For an efficient assessment, you should take notes regarding questions that need to be clarified during the interview. 

This analysis must consider the candidate's background, previous experience, courses and specializations, as well as some technical aspects, salary requirements or even how far do they live from work.             

The job interview needs to present true information

Here the most important aspect is the open exchange of information. It is important to make the candidate feel comfortable, as this is the only way to him show his personality, what he thinks and what he can do for the company. Asking about the candidate's personal life and hobbies is also a good idea. 

Their resume and screening information should be clarified in this conversation. 

Remember that the interviewer has also an important role in the interview: inform candidates about the job requirements, company policies and everything else they need to know to refuse or accept the job.

In the interview, you must ask the candidate about his/her plans for the future and identify if his/her intentions are in line with the company's.

A tip: keep in touch with the approved candidates, because if a new vacancy arises or you need a new employee, it will be easier to find the right professional.  

Present all hiring rules and requirements

To avoid noise in communication, give all information about salary, hours and benefits before hiring someone. The ideal is to store and keeprecords in digital systems.

You must inform all the needed documents before the pre-employment medical examination for a faster hiring process. Many companies allow the worker to start before this examination, but this is mandatory for the company to hire workers, according to Law 7855 of 1989, Article 168..

What are the main forms of hiring according to the Brazilian labor regulations (CLT)?

After the pre-employment medical examination, all hiring processes must follow the law. In this step it is necessary to define the type of contract.

Let's consider the three types established by the Brazilian labor regulations (CLT)

  • Fixed-term contract – in this type of contract, the duration is predetermined, that is, with a start date and an end date. However, it is important to remember that the period cannot exceed two years. The employee is entitled to receive proportional vacation time and year-end bonus (13th salary), although this type of contract does not allow the termination notice, fine on the FGTS or unemployment insurance. 
  • Temporary employment contract Decree 10.060 of 2019 regulates this type of contract. The employer has hundred and eighty consecutive days or not, and the contract may be extended only once, for up to ninety days (not consecutive). In this case, the company must prove the need for this extension. The maximum period in this type of contract is 270 days. Unlike fixed-term contracts, temporary contracts do not have a fixed end date, but only a termination date. This category includes intermittent work contracts..

In this type of contract, the employee is entitled to receive proportional vacations, and a fraction equal to or greater than fifteen working days shall be considered a complete month. Moreover, he/she is entitled to receive the year-end bonus (although it is not described in the decree) and FGTS.

  • Open-ended employment contract – this is the most used type of contract. In this case, there is no stipulated date to terminate the contract: either party must notify the other of the termination. Unlike the other hiring models, the worker, if dismissed by the employer, is entitled to receive vacations, a proportional year-end bonus, FGTS, unemployment insurance, termination notice and other benefits.

The importance of follow-up during the training period

In the work contract, the company can establish a training period to verify if the employee is qualified to work in the company. This period has a maximum duration of 45 days and is renewable for another 45 days, according to article 445 (CLT). After this period, if the employer or employee is satisfied, the contract is automatically established. 

If the dismissal occurs during the training period, the worker is not entitled to receive the fine (40% on the FGTS) and the termination notice.

The company needs to indicate a professional to monitor and evaluate newly hired employees, ensuring that they can work at the organization under ideal conditions.

If the process is not closely monitored, the company may have an employee who does not meet the company's expectations and then, besides labor charges, will have to hire and train another worker.

Contract and employment record book

A written contract must be signed by both parties and present all conditions. It must contain information such as full name, proof of address, and data such as RG (ID), CPF (Taxpayer Identification Number), PIS (Social Integration Program) and employment record book (number).

Regarding the employment record book, all fields must be correctly completed: dates and salary. Data such as benefits and other comments should be described on the final pages.

At digital version, all records occur through eSocial.

Pay attention to taxes! 

After contracting the professional, it is necessary to collect the following taxes monthly: INSS and the IRPF - deducted from the employee's gross remuneration and transferred to government agencies; and FGTS – 8% of the remuneration, which must be deposited in an account opened in the worker's name.

For all information to be recorded without mistakes and for correct calculation, choose an excellent system for your payroll.

Is the payment of employee benefits mandatory?

Some categories of employees are entitled to specific benefits. Overtime and overtime bank are rights guaranteed by law..

It is important to respect the Collective Agreement of each segment and category. Some of them stipulate minimum amounts for the payment of transportation and meal allowance, for example. If employers do not comply with these legal requirements, the company will have serious problems, especially fines.

Is it possible to make the hiring process simpler?

Of course! Contracts have a lot of details and all information needs to be correct and delivered on time.

If your company wants to facilitate this process and make the management of your payroll and benefits easier, contact PryorOur specialists are ready to answer your questions and show you everything we can do for you! 

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