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Introducing HR 4.0. Is your company ready?

Is HR 4.0 a new trend that is here to stay? The world is constantly changing – life today is more dynamic and practical, people are more connected with each passing day, and the future will be more technological. HR 4.0 is a new way of thinking human resources [...]

Hiring employees: How to do it?

Hiring is a process that must be efficient and safe. When it is well structured, your company becomes more dynamic and reduces the risk of inconsistencies that may increase labor burdens. All companies need to hire employees, whether to fill vacancies or to expand [...]

9 advantages of PAYROLL automation and outsourcing

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to outsource their payroll. Some are afraid of the potential employment bond that may arise from the relationship; others, because of the lack of control over outsourced workers. Noise in communication is another issue that may be related to different organizational cultures. To help you dealing with these issues [...]