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ANS approves 15.5% readjustment in health plans

This is the largest increase since the historical series began, in 2000


The National Health Agency (ANS) approved 15.5% increase in individual and family health plans. The readjustment applies to all regulated medical-hospital plans, that is, those contracted as of January 1999 or adapted to Law No. 9,656/98. The decision was taken on May 26th, with consideration by the Ministry of Economy and approval by the Collegiate Board of Directors.

This is the largest increase since the historical series began, in 2000, surpassing the 13.57% in 2016. The calculation considered changes in healthcare expenses and the IPCA (Extended National Consumer Price Index). According to the most recent information, Brazil has almost 50 million health plan beneficiaries. The new changes are expected to affect around 8 million of them.

The readjustment will be applied to plans with anniversary date of the contract between May this year and April 2023. The 15.5% percentage is the maximum amount that can be applied.

It is worth remembering that health plans were readjusted with a negative percentage in 2021 for the first time in history (-8.19%), resulting in a decrease in the value of monthly fees between May of that year and April 2022. There was a decrease in the number of procedures scheduled, such as consultations, exams, and surgeries, in 2020, the year of the pandemic, as a result of the protective measures adopted to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the accumulated readjustment of 15.5% this year and the readjustment of -8.19% last year is equivalent to an annual increase of 2.97% in these two years of pandemic.

Beneficiaries must pay attention to the information contained in the payment slip and verify 1) if the 15.5% increase is being respected and 2) if it is being charged from the anniversary date of the contract. When verifying any irregularity, it is possible to contact ANS by telephone (0800 701 9656) or at the website:

Beneficiaries who want to change their health plan can carry out the portability to another operator. For this, they must consult the ANS Guide to make the appropriate comparisons.

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