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What are the benefits of an accounting service in the corporate restructuring?

The management of a company involves a series of daily decisions that aim to ensure its profitability, competitiveness, and longevity in a scenario of constant transformation. The ability to adapt to change has always been an indispensable skill for the survival of a business, and this can happen in several ways, such as, for example, through a corporate restructuring.

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As the name implies, a restructuring leads to changes in the structure of companies and has an impact on their share capital. This can take place through a simple capital increase or reduction, but also through more far-reaching actions, such as a merger, spin-off, or acquisition, depending on the objectives of the partners.


A merger is a process in which two companies join together to form a single entity. The original companies are dissolved to form a new company.


A spin-off is the opposite of a merger: a single company is divided into two companies. Either these two companies are created at the time of the spin-off, or they already exist.


In this operation, the acquiring company remains while the acquired company is dissolved, transferring its assets to the former.

In order for these operations to generate good results for the company, it is necessary to be sure that restructuring is necessary. To evaluate the risks involved, managers need access to clear and reliable data about the financial situation of the business. This can be achieved through quality accounting services.

Accounting services include the preparation of reports and financial statements, which are fundamental to corporate restructuring processes. These documents provide important information for managers to make informed decisions based on concrete figures and to prove the company’s financial stability to potential investors.


From the information gathered, managers will be aware of the main problems: drop in productivity, cash flow problems, drop in sales, inefficient commercial strategy etc. This will allow them to identify the various dysfunctions and then draw up a tailored restructuring plan, including the resources available to achieve them.

Regardless of the size of the company, accounting obligations demand time and attention in view of the complexity of Brazilian norms. Without a quality accounting service to serve your company, it can be difficult to keep your accounts up to date and thus maintain good financial health.

Pryor Global offers, among other things, the review of financial statements and the execution of financial services. We provide peace of mind for our clients to focus on the core business of their operations. Contact us and learn about all our BackOffice solutions.

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