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Corporate paralegal: find out how this professional works

The paralegal service involves the support provided by professionals, known as paralegals, to lawyers, law firms or legal departments. Paralegals assist with various legal tasks, helping to simplify the process and improve overall efficiency. Although paralegals cannot practice law or advise independently, they play a key role in the legal system.

Within the corporate environment, paralegals work specifically in the field of business law. Their role is to facilitate the various legal processes related to the company’s business operations. Their responsibilities usually involve a combination of legal and administrative tasks specific to the corporate environment.

Here are some tasks and responsibilities common to paralegal services:

  1. Drafting and reviewing documents: in the business atmosphere, paralegals help draft and review legal documents related to corporate transactions, such as contracts, agreements, corporate governance documents, among others.
  2. Formation and dissolution of companies: the area also helps with the creation and dissolution of commercial companies, ensuring compliance with current laws and regulations. It also includes sending all the necessary supporting documentation to the regulatory authorities.
  3. Due Diligence: corporate paralegals usually take part in due diligence processes during mergers, acquisitions, and other business transactions. This involves reviewing and analyzing legal and financial documents in order to assess the companies’ possible risks and liabilities.
  4. Legal research: they carry out legal research on issues affecting the company, such as compliance with current regulations, industry standards and legal precedents.
  5. Legal administrative tasks: they deal with administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing calendars and coordinating court appearances, always aiming to facilitate and support the company’s legal department.
  6. Licensing and permits: they can help obtain and maintain the necessary licenses and permits for the company’s operations.

Generally, paralegals operate under the supervision of lawyers, and the specific tasks they perform can vary considerably depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the company’s corporate purpose.

This collaboration between lawyers and paralegals not only increases operational efficiency, but also allows for a more comprehensive and specialized approach to meeting legal demands.

It is very important to have a well-structured paralegal, since the entire bureaucratic and operational side of the company is monitored by these professionals, who assist and facilitate the organizational and bureaucratic structure for the performance of legal activities.

Here at Pryor Global, we offer services to simplify processes in public and private bodies throughout Brazil. Our specialized team can take over your company’s bureaucratic processes, allowing your professionals to focus on core activities. The benefits include specialized expertise, cost savings and optimization of your law firm’s day-to-day operations.

We act as an ally to your internal or external legal team.

Talk to our team now!

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