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Is fleet insurance a good choice for companies?

Fleet insurance has some advantages over individual car insurance. It is an excellent option for companies, although it is not exclusive to them.

What is the coverage of this insurance?

Some do not know the difference between fleet insurance and collective insurance offered by organizations to employees.

The Collective insurance is intended for the employees' private vehicles and the individual policy has a special condition on behalf of the company.

In turn, fleet insurance is generally for groups of vehicles and the minimum amount for the policy varies according to each insurer.

The main purpose of this insurance is to provide coverage for vehicles used by companies during professional activities. Moreover, you can include the vehicles of partners and directors in the contract.

This coverage is similar to that offered by individual car insurance,, pois o casco, danos materiais, danos corporais e as material damage, bodily injuries, and personal accident coverage to passengers can be included in the policy.

24/7 Tow Truck and roadside assistance are also part of fleet insurance. Although the coverage depends on additional products, it provides some benefits especially because this policy is made in the name of a legal entity.

Advantages of a fleet insurance

Different group of vehicles - Different group of vehicles – the fleet can include vehicles of the company and partners/directors.

Driver profile – age, gender or marital status do not influence the price of this type of insurance.

Therefore, for example, a 24-year-old single man or a 35-year-old married woman can drive the company's vehicles.

Parking – the vehicle's overnight address and information such as garage parking, for example, do not influence the insurance price.

Flexibility in the payment of installments and means of payment depend on an analysis of the company's profile and, when applicable, on the history of vehicles use.

The most important thing to define the best fleet insurance to meet your company's needs is to have an insurance that offers more benefits and discounts.

Pryor Pryor Insurance can help you choose the best insurance. Our team of specialists analyzes the risk of your business and presents the best insurance options for your needs.

Contact to us to ensure the protection of your assets with fair prices and best services.

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