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e-Notariado: notaries offer services through a digital platform

Notarial acts carried out through the platform have the same effects as in-person acts.


With the stores’ closure during the covid-19 pandemic worst moments, commercial establishments had to find other ways to serve customers. The internet was a great ally to this end. Virtual platforms have managed to keep the most diverse businesses running. The success was so great that even services considered as essential and that remained opened decided to partially migrate to the virtual world.

e-Notariado is a digital platform that connects users to the services offered by notaries across the country. Created by the Federal Counsil of Colégio Notarial do Brasil (CNB-CF), an entity representing notaries, the platform provides access to some services that previously could only be requested in person. Although it was launched in 2019, it was during the pandemic that e-Notariado was regulated by Provision 100/2020 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ).

In order to ensure security for everyone who uses the services offered, the digital platform works through an exclusive digital certificate, which can be requested – in person or remotely – free of charge at an accredited notary public. The documents required are identity and proof of residence. In addition, the authenticity of documents is guaranteed through blockchain technology, which uses encryption and can track all the transactions made.

Once the digital certificate has been obtained, which works as an identity of the individual or legal entity that will use the platform services, the user will be able to log in to the system ( with their data and password and request the desired service. A notary public will be appointed to attest to the parties’ expression of will on the document drawn up by means of a video conference. It is possible to check the accredited notaries that issue the digital certificate and offer the services through the platform.

Among the services offered is the public power of attorney, a legal instrument through which an individual (grantor) authorizes another (granted) to act on his or her behalf for an indefinite period. It is widely used in situations where the grantor cannot be present in person. Today, e-Notariado allows signing a public power of attorney in a virtual means, without the need to go to a notary’s office.

Other services that can be requested through the virtual platform are public deed, deed of purchase and sale, inventory and sharing, stable union and will.

The e-Notariado can be accessed through web browsers and also through the application available for Android and iOS systems. Notarial acts carried out through the digital platform have the same effect as in-person acts, and are completely safe for users.

Pryor Global, which is always following new technologies, has also registered legal representatives to validate public powers of attorney in a virtual means, ensuring agility and speed in customer service.

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